Our Mission Statement

“Urban Village Church is committed to lives transformed to be like Jesus through: Loving God, Learning from Scripture, Walking with One Another, and Reaching Out to the World.”

Urban Village ChurchThis mission statement explains why we as Urban Village Church exist in our community.  We’re not a church trying to be unique or different for the sake of being different; but to be true and honest to what the Bible teaches about being a church and doing that in ways that share the message of God’s purpose for us to the community and world around us.

You will find that what we do as a church community revolves around this mission statement, from our Sunday worship gathering, our teaching, our community groups, our friendships and care for each other, our involvement in community initiatives, and our outreach in places around the world.

Take a look at our mission, chew on it, think about it, pray about it, and if this resonates with how God is working in you, we hope you’ll join us in the journey.