Who we are

You might be wondering, what’s with the name?  Well, the name helps tell the story of why we are here.  First of all, we are a Village as we seek to be a community, a family, an interdependent group of people who share life together.  We’re here to walk with one another in our journey of faith in a challenging and often lonely world.  The village is a motif that many of the diverse cultures in our city can relate to.  It is a word that emphasizes relationships, love for neighbour, and mutual care.  Every village has a chief, and in our village, the chief is Jesus Christ.

We are Urban in that we seek to reach the world with the message of Jesus starting with our city as our mission field.  Our city is Metro Vancouver, our neighbourhood is Collingwood, and it is amazingly diverse in its people and lifestyles.  Our desire is to bring the unchanging message of the Gospel in ways that are relevant to residents of this large urban centre, engaging the culture and the people who live, work, and play here with love and service.

We are a Church in that the heart of who we are is our commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.  He is the hope of the world, he is the message of love and truth, and he is the example for our lives to follow.  We exist as a community for his glory and purposes.

Our thumbprint logo with the cross at the centre tells the story of the transformation we desire to have in our lives because of our relationship with Jesus.  Literally, as we grow in our relationship with him we are intimately transformed to be more like him.  And as we walk through life, we are leaving fingerprints of this ‘transformed by Jesus’ life everywhere we go.

We hope you’ll get to know us, and allow us to get to know you.  It matters not whether you are completely new to the idea of ‘church’ or whether you have long made a commitment to Jesus.  Come join our Sunday gathering where we worship together, and be a part of a Community Group where we find friendship and interaction around our faith journey together.


Pastor Daniel