Community Initiatives

One way I believe a church becomes beautiful is when God uses the passion and interests of its members to glorify His name. It’s not always a formal church ‘program’ that God can use but often it’s the things that YOU are interested in and passionate about. I like to call these ‘community initiatives’ because they are ways to build relationship in our church, and to connect with those in our community. So consider the skills, interests, and passions that God has placed in your life and think about how you can use them as ways to initiate community with one another and with our neighbours; then let us know about it and how we can help you get something started.


Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • great-outdoors group
  • business leadership learning cohort
  • An arts and crafts group
  • group for photography enthusiasts
  • gardening lovers group
  • group for handymen and women
  • sports activities group

What we need is your ideas and initiative, so contact us and share what you are thinking!